As a vertically integrated, producer-owned lamb and veal company, Mountain States Rosen makes every action across the supply chain, our business. MSR has the resources to provide not only the variety of products you are looking for, but also the exacting specifications and freshest of product to suit all of your needs.

You may find Mountain States Rosen best-in-class lamb and veal under a variety of premium store brands, plus the signature labels below.

Cedar Springs Lamb

Cedar Springs’s fresh American lamb is unparalleled in product quality and eating satisfaction. It is 100% vegetarian fed, grain-finished program, which combines unequaled product supply, animal genetics, raising practices and processing capability to provide the highest quality lamb products nationwide. Cedar Springs USDA Choice and Prime lamb products offer the premium flavor and consistency our customers have come to expect.

Shepherd’s Pride Lamb

Shepherd’s Pride is an authentic 100% Natural lamb program which guarantees our American born and raised lambs never, ever receive antibiotics or added hormones, are 100% vegetarian fed, grain-finished and source verified. Developed by our Mountain States Cooperative lamb producers, Shepherd’s Pride lambs are part of a distinctive affidavit-based program based on responsible raising practices, land management and conservation. This program ensures a year-round supply of the highest quality lambs our customers can rely on. Shepherd’s Pride Lamb is now source-verified. Read more…

Lava Lake Lamb

Lava Lake Lamb is grass-fed summer lamb raised sustainably and humanely on family ranches in the Northern Rockies. Our lamb comes from high mountain pastures, and is lean and tender with a delicate and delicious flavor. Nutritionally rich, Lava Lake Lamb is 100% grass-fed and never given hormones or antibiotics. This seasonal program is offered from July – September of each year.

Royal Bay Lamb

For those customers looking for an Imported Lamb Program, Mountain States Rosen is pleased to offer Royal Bay Lamb from Australia and New Zealand. This versatile import program includes primal lamb cuts, as well as case ready offerings. From start to finish, MSR works closely with our international partners to ensure these products meet all your imported lamb needs.

Cedar Springs Nature Veal

Cedar Springs Nature Veal is built on three-generations of family tradition and is a 100% vertically integrated program allowing Mountain States Rosen control of the process from farm to finish. This control ensures across-the-board humane animal care practices and the most nutritious diet, resulting in the finest-quality veal products–consistently tender, juicy and delicious. Our fancy veal program defines MSR’s standards for product consistency, specification and program compliance ensuring that consumers are able to experience satisfaction in every bite.

Smart Cuisine

Our chef-inspired Smart Cuisine Products not only enhance the MSR product line with diverse and exciting meal alternatives; their easy preparations and uncompromising quality resonate with consumers by offering simple, yet flavorful meal alternatives that families will love.