Mountain States Rosen -

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As the only vertically integrated and producer-owned lamb and veal company in the U.S., Mountain States Rosen (MSR) oversees quality control from feed to processing and delivery. We provide a yearlong supply of fresh, high-quality, high-integrity products as a result of more than 65 combined years of dedication, industry expertise and solid relationships up and down the supply chain.

Year-Round Succulent Lamb and Veal

Cedar Springs Veal >>>

Best-in-class calves are raised on family-owned farms in the Eastern United States. Farmers are dedicated to raising the highest quality, healthiest calves in accordance with safe and responsible raising standards. Cedar Springs American Veal calves are fed a specially-developed, nutrient-rich diet. A USDA Choice program ensures the product is minimally processed without artificial ingredients. Fork-tender and mild, it is infinitely compatible with delicate sauces.

Cedar Springs Lamb >>>

Cedar Springs American lambs receive the utmost care, healthy exercise, and a 100% vegetarian diet, finished with nutritious grains for consistently smooth texture. A USDA Choice and Prime program guarantees product is minimally processed with no added ingredients. Cedar Springs Lamb bursts with bright flavor, a hint of sweetness, plum juiciness, and superb velvety tenderness.

Imported Lamb and Beef Offerings

Royal Bay Imported Lamb >>>

For customers looking for imported lamb, MSR is pleased to offer Royal Bay Lamb from Australia and New Zealand. This versatile import program includes primal lamb cuts, as well as case-ready offerings. From start to finish, MSR works closely with international partners to ensure these products meet all your imported lamb needs.

Royal Bay Imported Beef >>>

This imported, free-range, grass-fed beef program is a product of Australia, raised without added hormones on sustainable family farms. Carcasses are aged for optimum tenderness and the meat has a delicious mild flavor profile. Royal Bay Beef is inspected by the USDA upon arrival to the U.S., and is processed using MSR’s top quality packaging technologies.

100% Source Verified Lambs, Raised Without Antibiotics Or Hormones

Shepherd's Pride Lamb >>>

Shepherd’s Pride ranchers pledge to never add hormones and never-ever administer antibiotics. These herds are source-verified and, for those who want to trace their lamb purchases directly to participating MSR cooperative members, there’s the Shepherd’s Pride “Where Food Comes From” ® program. With just a swipe of a smart phone across the QR code on label, shoppers can learn more about the hard-working, ethical MSR families raising this fine, pure American lamb that imparts sumptuous taste. This USDA Choice lamb program ensures the highest quality eating experience and the comfort in knowing the families that produce this high-end product.

Grass-Fed, Free-Range, Seasonal Lamb

Lava Lake Lamb >>>

These exquisite lambs roam free-range over one million acres of biologically diverse landscapes in the North American Rockies. Exclusively grass-fed and 100% free of added hormones and antibiotics, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and beta carotene and lower in overall fat. Offering a well-balanced, full-bodied flavor with notes of spring air, these prized lambs are harvested and available at the peak of freshness, for a limited time only, July through mid-September.

Chef-Inspired Convenience >>>

Diversity and simplicity go hand-in-hand with our chef-inspired Smart Cuisine products, providing easy preparation and uncompromising quality. The Meatloaf/Meatball Mix and Spicy and Sweet Sausages offer consumers exciting meal alternatives families will love.