Food Safety Programs:

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Today’s consumer is acutely aware of food safety and will seek products from companies they trust. At Mountain States Rosen, confidence comes from knowing that you are serving the safest, highest quality lamb and veal – free of harmful additives or residues, animals raised according to the highest standards and a production process that has undergone the scrutiny of third party audits and industry leading certification programs.

Understanding this mindset, MSR aligned itself with the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF) –a globally recognized and award winning institute responsible for establishing rigorous programs used by food companies to encompass food safety testing and quality checks throughout all facets of the food production chain.

Mountain States Rosen became the first and only, lamb and veal company to achieve Level 3 SQF Certification; the highest certification available through the SQF program. Constant safety and quality monitoring, plus product tracking provides MSR the assurance and confidence that they are providing the consumer the highest safe-quality products.

In addition, to SQF, each and every year, MSR undergoes additional third-party based audits – as part of a system of checks and balances– to evaluate food security and animal welfare programs within our facilities. MSR has consistently received the high rankings from these third party auditing facilities.

Consumers can feel confident in Mountain States Rosen products and we are proud of our impeccable food safety and quality management record.